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Thomas, a college in the Bronx, New York.

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When she arrived she finds two homicide detectives waiting for her. The good news is that they found her car; the bad news is that in the trunk was the body of one of the students in her Shakespeare seminar. Thomas; and grade those Shakespeare exams, which seem to be getting a lot of attention for a boring old stack of reports. And in the meantime, who would want to kill college student Kathy Miceli?

Alison Bergeron, a college professor at St. Maeve Conlon's life is coming apart at the seams.

Her bakery is barely making ends meet, and one of her daughters spends as much time grounded as the other does studying. Her ex-husband has a new wife, a new baby, and a look of pity for Maeve that's Families can be Murder Hosting birthday festivities for her husband Bobby's teenage twin daughters gives English professor Alison Bergeron a reprieve from her role as Evil Stepmother.

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Relatives are coming out of the woodwork, including Bobby's ex, Thomas College until newly married English professor Alison Bergeron discovers a corpse in her car. The victim was a recent mailroom hire at the school. Alison barely knew him but he seemed l On her way to meet her boyfriend's parents, college professor Alison Bergeron stops by a coffee shop to steel her resolve. It's a big event. Thomas, the small college north of New York City where Professor Alison Bergeron teaches, has had its share of scandals involving both its students and its staff, not to mention Alison herself, so when a resident director goes missing the adminis For professional academic and amateur sleuth Alison Bergeron, staying out of trouble is never on the syllabus She thought that dating a good-looking cop would be exciting and involve lots of riding around in cruisers and putting away sleazy crook But, they also tell her a bad news that leaves her totally shocked.

The homicide detectives tell Alison Bergeron that they have found a dead body in the trunk of her car, which is of her students who appeared in the Shakespeare seminar taken by her.

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One among the detectives is Detective Bobby Crawford, whom Alison finds very handsome and gets attracted towards him. She seems desperate to get her name removed from the suspect list of Detective Crawford. But, that appears to just one of the bigger problems of her life. The other things that she has to face unwantedly include bailing out her ex-husband from jail, dealing with the distraught parents of the poor student, as well as face her own classmates when she used to be studying at St. Also, Alison Bergeron has to grade the Shakespeare exams, which she thinks is nothing but a boring stack of old reports and is getting unnecessary attention.

Along with all this, she also has to find out the one who is responsible for the death of her student Kathy Miceli. The book appears to be a decent and a quick cozy mystery.


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It has a light touch to it. Overall, it turns out to be an absolutely amazing book to read. The readers love Alison Bergeron as a protagonist as well as her shenanigans. Her portrayal as a protagonist by author Maggie seemed very realistic. However, author Maggie has not shown her doing sleuthing activities throughout the book.

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Alison is shown getting involved in romance with Detective Crawford in between the plot. And this romance continues till the end of the plot where they get involved in a serious relationship with each other.

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This was very well portrayed by author Maggie and equally well appreciated by the readers. It was also published by the Minotaur Books publishers in the year At the start of the story, it is shown that Alison, who works as a college professor, is about to meet with the family of her new boyfriend in person. On the way, she decides to stop at a coffee shop to steel resolve of hers.

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She considers it to be one of the big events of her life. Firstly, it is the first time that she has got the chance to the entire family of NYPD detective Crawford. And secondly, Alison Bergeron feels that a wedding proposal could come up in the meeting and she looks forward it to since she has kept away the idea of getting married for the second time from her life for a very long time.

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