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Some info about us: We are a married couple in our late 20s. We are total foodies, but are vegetarian, so food wasn't exactly the highlight of our trip here, but we did usually manage to find some decent options. We aren't at all interested in the party scene, but rather, love to learn about different cultures and history, and be out in nature, so that was the focus of our trip. Some info about our itinerary: Our trip was 14 days in May, We heavily used the Rick Steves book for Croatia and Slovenia and highly recommend it.

That book is the reason we added Mostar and Slovenia to our itinerary, and we are SO glad that we did. We hope to spend a few days in Istria in the future some day : We definitely plan to go back to Bosnia-Herzegovina to see other parts of the country that we weren't able to get to. The highlight of our trip was paragliding in the Julian Alps of Slovenia!

Day 1: We started our trip in Zagreb. We didn't have a SIM card yet, but we got onto the airport wifi to book an Uber from the airport to our hotel, which was way more convenient than navigating public transportation in a new continent right at the start of our trip, and way more affordable than taking a taxi. Day 2: We spent the day in Zagreb jut walking around and seeing the sights.

Slovenia Hotels and Places to Stay

We definitely recommend the Museum of Broken Relationships. Unfortunately, a lot of things were closed that day because it was a Monday I guess Mondays are holidays? Honestly, you could spend less than a day here and get it all done, but we wanted to take it easy that day since it was our first day and we didn't know if we'd be jet-lagged. Day 3: We left Zagreb in the morning around 10am after getting our rental car to head to Slovenia. I'm actually planning to dedicate a whole review to our experience with them, I'll place a link to it here once I write it, but long story short: don't use them.

We went straight to Skocjan Caves and did the 1pm tour. It was a great experience seeing those caves, and we highly recommend it. We then made a quick stop to Predjama Castle on our way to Ljubljana. The castle was cool to see, but we didn't go inside, just took a look and some pictures from outside, and then were on our way to Ljubljana.

Once we checked in, we went into Old Town Ljubljana and had dinner and walked around. Day 4: We started off our day driving to Lake Bohinj , which was beautiful! Driving through theJulian Alps, is just such an amazing experience. We are of the philosophy that there are just too many things to see and do in the world, that we wouldn't choose to repeat a place we've already been.

Anyways, we met our paragliding instructors at Lake Bohinj and made our way up a mountain, and that was our launch point. The views from up there were great, and we had our best meal of the ENTIRE trip at the restaurant in the castle, sitting on the outdoor terrace overlooking the lake. We then walked around the lake and just absorbed the nature all around us. We stopped at Villa Bled for coffee and the famous Bled kremna rezina, which was delicious. The views from that place are to die for.

It is an absolute must-see. We were on the terrace at their on site Cafe Belvedere. We then made our way back to Ljubljana where we spent the evening. Day 5: We spent the whole day driving through the Julian Alps. We had to cut out other things from our trip itinerary to carve out a day for this, but it was definitely worth it. There is just SO much history here, and so much natural beauty.

All those hairpin turns were a little intimidating, but totally worth it. Day 6: We spent all morning and afternoon in Ljubljana, and did a walking tour bought tickets from the TI at the Triple Bridge that ended with a cruise along the river.

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It has so much history, culture, and charm. Food in Ljubljana was some of the best of our trip. We then left around 4pm to drive back to Croatia, to our hotel in Rakovica near Plitvice Lakes. We got there around 8pm and checked into our hotel Hotel Degenija - it was good; nothing special but super clean and perfectly located near Plitvice Lakes. Day 7: We got to Plitvice Lakes early 8am , bought our tickets, and got in right away. We are glad we did, because it did get crowded, although it was early May so not quite peak season yet so it wasn't unbearable. Overall, we loved it here and highly recommend it.

We then drove to Zadar, where we checked into our hotel for the night and spent the evening walking around the city. The Old Town area, where we stayed, is great for walking around. We loved the Sea Organ. Day 8: We spent the morning around Zadar and headed to Split after breakfast.

The Best of Slovenia

We tried to stop in Sibenik on the way, but it was way too crowded. We did stop in Trogir for lunch, which was a nice break. We spent the evening just walking around the palace, the rest of Old Town, eating amazing ice cream Hajduk's! Day 9: We spent all day in Split, following the Rick Steves recommendations for the various sites to see, places to go, etc.

We did a Game of Thrones walking tour, which was really cool, because the guide talked a lot about Split's history, too, in addition to GoT stuff.

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From reviews and forums, many people seemed to think Split doesn't really need much time, but we really enjoyed our time there. You could easily see everything in half a day, but part of the charm of Split is just walking around and exploring, people-watching, etc. Day We spent the morning finishing up everything we wanted to do in Split, and then headed for Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We got there in a few hours, check into our amazing hotel Pansion City Star which was perfectly located in the heart of Old Town just steps away from the Old Bridge, and just walked around, stepping in and around museums, shops, etc.

The whole stay was amazing. We learned so much about the region's tumultuous history, and met so many nice people.

It was one of the highlights of our trip, and we are SO glad we made the time for it. Also, the food here was great, and if you go, we highly recommend buying some Turkish Delight to take back home for friends and family. Day We spent the morning in Mostar, then headed to Dubrovnik. We stopped in Pocitelj on the way.

We climbed all the way to the top, which was a little tough, but the views were amazing. When we reached Dubrovnik, we checked into our hotel in the Lapad peninsula, then went into Dubrovnik Old Town to walk around and grab dinner. Dubrovnik was just wow. Day We returned our rental car in the morning, wasted 2 hours dealing with the horrible rental car company, then made our way into Old Town, where we just walked around and saw the sites, absorbed the ambience, etc.

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Dubrovnik is SO cool! The history of the city is really cool. But we took a walking tour of the city, and just seeing all these amazing sites and the history behind the city was really fascinating, and helped us temporarily forget the rental car stuff.

The views out on the water were phenomenal, and then we went inside and were blown away by the setting of the bar - it's in a real cave! Day We bought a Dubrovnik card in the morning, and went on a Game of Thrones tour at 9am. It was a great tour!

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We saw a lot of the sites around Dubrovnik, and where a lot of the scenes were shot in Dubrovnik which is King's Landing! The views were amazing from the fortress, which was part of our tour. After lunch, we did the City Walls , which was probably the best part of our Dubrovnik stay.

The views were phenomenal, and we spent almost 3 hours, just taking our time and absorbing it all. We spent the rest of our day wandering and exploring around, having great coffee and gelato, and checking out other sites from our Dubrovnik Card. Note: the Dubrovnik Card was great for us because it included public transit, and entrance to a lot of the sites in Dubrovnik, as well as discounts at a lot of restaurants around town.

Overall, Dubrovnik was a blast!