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A mint copy in similar dust wrapper. VG copy in edge worn dw. Limited edition of copies. VG clean copy in orginal red cloth boards with gilt titling and owners flag to upper board. VG copy in glazed boards. VG copy in slightly edge worn dw. Helena from the Uk and SA. VG clean copy in blue cloth boards.

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Fine copy in dw. The much enlarged 3rd edition. Uncommon 1st edition. Enlarged 2nd edition. VG copy in card covers. Notes on deck colors, aircraft colors, and other tidbits are covered. As an example, Japanese ships colors depended on the shipyard where they were built or repaired.

There are of course a lot of side views of camouflage schemes. On the down side, since it is written for war gamers it covers lots of schemes for ships not produced in plastic 3 pages of Tribal class destroyers and omits popular plastic ships Rodney, P of W, OTOH, the last 4 pages contain an extensive list of references. McCalip said: I have been following the thread on the "beginner" and what is needed to help him or her in the development of their ship model building hobby.

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As far as I am concerned the answer is patience, perseverance and having access to a well-rounded library. This latter point on the library is of paramount importance and something that cannot be taken too lightly. I can speak from experience on this as I have been in the ship modeling game as a hobby and semi-professionally for the past forty years.

You cannot expect to build high quality models unless you know how to check and verify accuracy and authenticity and to do that you must have a hard copy database from which to operate. The Internet and e-mail list may in the future fill the void if ship lore and naval construction books were abandoned; but it cannot do it now nor in the near future.


Considering this I have recommended a list of ten basic books for beginners new to the ship modeling hobby. Naturally, this list is purely subjective and will possibly not have the complete support of other experienced ship modeling list members. It is however based on past experience and is part of my current library that consists of over three hundred volumes on the subject.

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Here they are. I have tried to rank them in order of importance to the beginner: Campbell, George F. The first two books listed could almost stand by themselves temporarily while one gets their feet on the ground. Chapelle This is just a few of them. The first three fit any type of ship being built. As list members have been correctly saying, the titles you purchase should be determined by what you want to do with your modeling. A book that's "perfect" for one model builder may be "a waste of money" for another.

Nevertheless, a few of the inexpensive general-purpose books are well worth the money. One of the best buys these days is Monfeld's Historic Ship Models. That, at least, is my opinion. It's true, the book's full of inaccuracies and much of it has actually been lifted "stolen"? Thumbing through its pages will give you a good idea of what our kind of model building is all about. There are, of course, other titles that fall into this introductory category.


They've been mentioned by others. Some books that are "musts" for every model builder's library are a poor investment during the early stages of your model building career. When I bought my copy a few years ago, it was too esoteric and expensive! Over the years, however, it's become one of my most valuable books. The importance of a book will change with your modeling experience! Reading Underhill is like visiting an experienced model building friend who's explaining how he did what he did.

He clarifies his explanations with superb sketches and lousy photographs! I don't know how many times I've read -- and reread -- his various chapters. Nevertheless, Underhill's volumes have their shortcomings, too.


For example, his chapter on building clinker-built models and little ships boats probably scares people away from a process that's not at all difficult. And, finally, remember that a book that's important to you may be almost useless to another modelbuilder.

Nevertheless, it's hardly a volume I'd recommend to others -- unless they share my interests. He's always quoted me fair prices, accurately described what he had to offer, and packed the books carefully for shipment to me in Germany. All in all, in terms of my experience, a first-class operation.

I've found it wise to allow my book seller to know my tastes and interests. Dave, for example, will ask me if I'm interested in a particular volume that has come into his hands. That's a nice service! Finally, I'd suggest that you mention a book that interests you one at a time on this list. Ask what others think of it. You'll be pleased with the response you get -- and find the information most helpful. That's what I do. Works great. For example, searching using "ship model" , I found 8, books listed; most can be partially or fully downloaded!

What you will consider a "good book" depends GREATLY upon the period and style of modeling you do -- a book on plastic submarines will prove of little use if you are researching ships of ancient Egypt. Brouwer Naval Institute Press Orig. Anthony Nelson, Ltd. All the vessels we've talked about here are described, as well as semiintact clipper ships in Argentina and an monitor, guns in place, used as a graffiti-covered breakwater in Melbourne.

Provides superb graphics. The Blandford , while not quite the size of the HMS Surprise , a 5th rate like the Surprise and gives the detailed drawings of the ship's hull, deck arrangement, and rigging. Invaluable to modelers, too.

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ISBN Useful to both the scratch-build modeler and the reader of Forester who wants to know more about the bomb vessel. Provides insights about Jack Aubrey's first command, the Sophie , since the Granado is also a 14 gun, brig-sloop with a quarterdeck and stern windows.

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The Endeavour , made eternally famous by Captain Cook's first voyage on her in , was chosen by Cook because of her strong construction. The author describes her build and rig based on information found in the Endeavour 's journals, a mine of previously unused, primary-source information. A member of the Anatomy of the Ship series with the usual superb graphics.

Thanks to a reproduction built in Australia, the book has many photos as well. Patrick O'Brian uses the Anatomy of the Ship books and models to visualize action about ships. The Schooner Bertha L. The North American schooner Bertha L. Downs was one of the many large four-, five-, and six-masted schooners built on the banks of the Kennebeck River at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question.

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