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Greedy law enforcement at every revel is now flush with the confiscated property of people who were never even accused of any crime.

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Have you heard of "civil forfeiture lately?. What If YOU became such a target? You could quickly find yourself with no home, no money, no assets-back to zero!

Tax Havens Today The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Banking And Investing Offshore

Are you prepared to start all over again, from scratch? If you Could no longer make money in your old business, what new enterprise would you use to reestablish your life and lifestyle.? Or never have a bole again! Avoid legal battles, huge attorney fees, and ruin-out judgments. Leave "problem" people behind by walking out the door for good. Don't doubt it In the mid Eighties. What they couldn't take, however, was his energy and inspiration to seek new opportunities elsewhere.

In over a dozen countries. He learned how to Un-cover profit making opportunities, and connect with the right people he needed to make them work He had his choice of beautiful places to live. Like the story of Job in the Bible, P. So what did he do and how did he do it? You will discover all of P. In 20 brilliant chapters P. There were times when making money seemed impossible, but he never had to ask anyone for a job.

Corporate investments in tax havens: evidence from India

He continued to develop better ways to generate income on his own. The U. According to the U. As a result, investors who use offshore entities to evade U. Therefore, although the lower corporate expenses of offshore companies can translate into better gains for investors, the IRS maintains that U. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD and the World Trade Organization WTO also have rules that require banks to report information about their foreign customers, but each country complies with these laws in different ways and to different degrees.

Offshore accounts are not cheap to set up. Depending on the individual's investment goals and the jurisdiction they choose, an offshore corporation may need to be started, and that may mean steep legal fees and corporate or account registration fees. Businesses that make money facilitating offshore investment know that their offerings are in high demand by the very wealthy and they charge accordingly. More than half the world's assets and investments are held in offshore jurisdictions. Many well-recognized companies have investment opportunities in offshore locales.

Still, like every investment move you make, use common sense and choose a reputable investment firm. It is also a good idea to consult with an experienced and reputable investment advisor, accountant, and lawyer who specialize in international investment. If you are looking to offshore investments to help protect your assets—or are concerned with estate planning—it would be prudent to find an attorney or a team of attorneys specializing in asset protection, wills, or business succession. You need to look at the investments themselves and their legal and tax implications.

Of course, these professionals come at a cost. In most cases, the benefits of offshore investing are outweighed by the tremendous costs of professional fees, commissions, and travel expenses. Income Tax. Forex Brokers.

Pros and Cons of Offshore Investing – Global Insight

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Tax Havens Explained

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go to site Login Newsletters. Investing Alternative Investments. There are several reasons why people invest offshore:. Tax Advantages. Key Takeaways Offshore investing is beyond the means of many but the wealthiest of investors. The term offshore is used to describe a bank, corporation, investment, or deposit that is usually located in a tax haven location.

Investors and companies set up such offshore trading accounts or subsidiaries so as to enjoy a lower tax outgo among other benefits. For an investor, an offshore trading account is usually a bank account opened at an offshore branch or an account opened with a financial institution located at an offshore country. The investor does not have to travel to the offshore country, as the account opening can be done remotely through the internet.

This offshore account allows the investor to invest in stocks, bonds, futures, options, and other financial securities in markets around the world. The offshore trading account is generally opened in the name of a company rather than in the name of the individual investor. The offshore trading account can be operated either by the individual investor or by a broker assigned by the investor who opens the account. It is better to let a broker operate the account if a person is new to offshore investing or trading in general.

The investment capital in order to trade will have to be provided by the account holder. This investment capital can either be cash transferred by the account holder or funds from a line of credit that the account holder may have access to. As with everything else in the business world, offshore trading has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us first look at the disadvantages of offshore investing. Offshore investing costs money.

It is not as simple as opening an account on e-trade and start clicking buy and sell buttons. The first barrier to entry for offshore investing is the minimum balance that one needs to have in order to even open an offshore trading account. These minimums generally run into hundreds of thousands of dollars to even millions of dollars. Besides the initial capital outlay, you also need to pay fees and commissions regularly to trade securities and maintain the account. If you open a company and then operate the account in the name of the offshore company, then there will be expenses related to opening the offshore shell company as well.

See a Problem?

Certain offshore countries might even require you to own property in that country before you can open an offshore trading account. So, you may have to factor in the cost for such a property investment.

Selecting the best offshore account and the procedure for opening one

In conclusion, offshore trading will have certain costs associated with it. The second disadvantage to offshore trading is the cumbersome tax law.

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  6. If you are a US citizen, then things get even trickier. The SEC has new rules regarding offshore investing, and that in turn has discouraged offshore investment companies and banks to deal with citizens of the United States. In fact, some institutions will flat out deny services to US citizens. Similarly, governments around the world are taking offshore investing and tax evasion seriously.

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    5. The tax laws are tightening and you will have to declare your offshore income and bank accounts when you file your taxes. This might increase the compliance and accounting burden for you. So, before you open an offshore trading account, understand the legal and financial responsibilities with your tax attorney or your chartered accountant. Once you are familiar with those responsibilities, and if you are ok with the compliance requirements, then you can look forward to opening a new offshore trading account.

      There are plenty of attractive reasons for engaging in offshore investing. Firstly, by investing through an offshore trading account, you can get a major tax saving.