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The prince follows her to the lake and pleads for her forgiveness, but now she is stuck in swan form until the sun goes down and returns to herself again. The White Swan is humble, modest and vulnerable. Unlike her daughter, she is very graceful and gentle. She lives with her mother, and is the mother of Duchess Swan. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Bio Ad Info Policies. Shane January 30, Enter the world of the Black Swan, a dark and seductive tale where things are not always as they seem. Odile is the reviled villainess of Aarroughac, a castle inhabited by the evil wizard, Count Rothebart. After a sinister magic sweeps through the land and results in death, Odile is accused of the crime.

The Black Swan

Von Rothebart vanishes, leaving her to face the wrath of an entire kingdom alone until a mysterious stranger with powers of his own comes along. With vengeance as his guide, Lord Azarus di Caspari hunts an ancient curse. But when Azarus learns that the story of the sorceress might not be true, disappointment gives way to desire. Lackey, Mercedes. The Black Swan. New York: DAW, Lackey preserves much of the ballet's action but provides a happier ending than the original German folktale had. She also gives the characters depth and motivation by providing them with histories.

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Baron Eric von Rothbart, a powerful sorcerer, hunts down women who have betrayed men and transforms them into swans who can only resume their true forms by moonlight. His lonely daughter Odile, who watches the flock and studies spells, longs vainly for his approval.

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One day von Rothbart tells Odette, the swan princess, that she can break the spell by winning and holding a man's faithful love for one month. He's even chosen a candidate, Prince Siegfried. Unfortunately, the prince is a womanizing hedonist.


Should Odette succeed nevertheless, von Rothbart secretly plans a trap for them and the prince's ambitious mother, Queen Clothilde, who schemes to rule in her own right. But he must use Odile, who has befriended Odette and is no longer her father's puppet.

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Some readers may find the descriptions of dancing and costumes tedious--and Prince Siegfried a questionable hero. Odile, however, is as vivid a heroine as any Lackey's written. Tomlinson, Heather.

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  5. The Swan Maiden. New York: Henry Holt, A third daughter can dream of being a creature of flight and magic, of wearing a swan-skin like her sisters. But Doucette is only a chastelaine in training, learning to run the castle household while her older sisters are taught to weave spells.

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    For Doucette, the dream of flying is exactly that-until the day she discovers her own hidden birthright. Sudden, soaring freedom; it is a wish come true. Yet not even magic can protect against every danger, especially where the heart is involved.

    As she struggles to find her own way in the world, Doucette risks losing the one she loves most of all. Turgeon, Carolyn.