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Earlyst-century collection of essays that attempt to revive interest and establish a new research agenda in systems theorizing in IR by drawing on developments from the social and natural sciences. Braumoeller, Bear F.

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DOI: One of the most recent and best overviews of systems theory in IR. Methodically surveys the different traditions of systemic theorizing that have developed in the field, while simultaneously developing a new systems theory based on a mathematical model.

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  7. Buzan, Barry, and Richard Little. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Easton, David. A Framework for Political Analysis. Classic early metatheoretical text arguing for a systems approach to the study of politics. Defines political systems, describes their dynamics, and explains why they tend to persist.

    Introduction to International Relations: Realism - Theories and Approaches

    James, Patrick. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, Great overview of systems theorizing in IR. Jervis, Robert. Focuses on complexity and its unintended consequences in systems to critique prevailing systems theories in IR and offer a more nuanced approach.

    Key Theories of International Relations | Norwich University Online

    Levy, Jack S. Causes of War. Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, Comprehensive overview of system-level theories, focusing mainly on realist and hegemonic theories of conflict. Waltz, Kenneth N. Theory of International Politics. Boston: McGraw-Hill, The formal articulation of neorealism and central text for debates about the nature of the international system and its impact on states.

    Remains a foundational text for understanding systems theorizing in general in IR. New edition published in Wendt, Alexander. Social Theory of International Politics. Pivotal text in constructivism. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page. Please subscribe or login. Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions.

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    Clash of Leviathans: The Thirty-year War 7m. Westphalian peace 8m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Classical tradition 16m. Video 5 videos. Christian roots 9m. Stages of liberalism 8m. Thirty-year war and rise of liberalism 9m.

    1. Preliminary Distinctions

    Power of Enlightenment 8m. Free-trade and the Revolutions 8m. Video 6 videos. The new science emerges 11m. WWI and the great debates 10m. The post-WWI liberalism 11m. Decline of the post-WWI order 11m. The realist critique of idealism 9m. Hans Morgenthau and political realism 13m. World Wars and birth of IR science 16m. Historic context: the Cold War 10m. Basic assumptions 10m. System and structure 9m. Neorealism and political analysis 11m. Structural realism today 10m. Kenneth Waltz and Structural Realism 16m. Show More. Video 12 videos. Liberalism in IR 6m. Liberalism and the United States 9m.

    Liberalism after WWII 6m.

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    Liberal institutionalism 7m. Liberal institutionalism 2 9m. Regime theory 8m. Complex interdependence 13m. Democratic peace theory 12m. Theories of integration 10m. Liberalism after the Cold War 17m.

    Jennifer Nedelsky

    Liberal studies of order 8m. Neoliberalism vs. Neorealism 3m.

    Marxism as an IR theory 6m. Marxism as a social theory 12m.

    Relational theory

    Marxism as a social theory 8m. Lenin and theory of imperialism 10m. Rise of Neo-Marxism 9m. Wallerstein and world-system theory 9m. Testing the Neo-Marxist approach 11m. Marxism and Neo-Marxism 16m. Introduction 3m. Constructivism 9m. Constructivism 2 12m.